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Lake Albert - 7th largest lake in Africa

Lake Albert is surrounded by breathtaking scenery of the Rwenzori Mountains, Murchison Falls national Park and Semliki Park. Elephants, Hippos, Buffaloes, and various bird species makes Lake Albert an perfect wildlife destination. On the shores of Lake Albert is the Bugoma Forest Reserve where Chimpanzees can be spotted at reasonable price.

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve in 25km away from Kikonko Lodge on the eastern side of Lake Albert and is an emerging tourist destination.

If you are traveling from Murchison Falls National Park to Kibaale Forest or Queen Elizabeth National Park Kikonko Lodge is the perfect stop over. Take a nature forest walk, watch some chimpanzees and birds, have a look at waterfalls go for a safari game drive or take your mountain bike for a hike at the Lake Albert delta. The delta has its own beauty, the African rift valley in the west and Lake Albert in the east.

The main rivers flowing into the lake are the Semliki, Wambabya, Waaki, Musizi, Hoimo and Nkuzi rivers. The Wambabya Falls are extremely beautiful and are 3kms away from Kikonko Lodge. Hoimo river is 5kms away and can be reached by bike and car. Want to see how a boda boda ride on Lake Albert shores looks like? Find out here

Top 8 activities at Kikonko Lodge:

No.1 visit Bugoma Forest

The Bugoma Forest is a thick rainforest that is the habitat to many butterflies, birds and mammals. The main attraction are about 500 chimpanzees that roam the forest and that are being habituated. If you are lucky, you can spot them! The forest is only a 40 minute drive away. The forest walk at Bugoma Forest can be organised one day before.

No. 2: Night sky over Lake Albert

Thousands of fisher boats light up their lamps to attract the fish, a truly unique experience, right from the restaurant or the viw point at Kikonko Lodge.

No. 3: Mountain Biking

Kikonko Lodge is situated in a place of untouched nature. Therefore, there are many interesting and more or less challenging bike tracks all around Kikonko Lodge at the Lake Albert Delta. The very ambitious ones can try the “Hercules Loop” of 82km, but also for the fun and laid-back riders there is a loop for their enjoyment. Even children can bring their bikes and ride in a safe environment.

No. 4: Wambabya Waterfall

The Wambabya waterfall is only 3km away from Kikonko has recently been dubbed as the “competition to Murchison” by one of our guests. Right after the rainy season the Wambabya River carries a lot of water which then finds its way down the escarpment turning it into a spectacular waterfall that can be observed right from the car.

No. 5: Sunset walks

Right from Kikonko there are many paths that lead into the beautiful nature on top of the escarpment. A guide will take you on an 1 hour evening walk to reach a particularly amazing point for the sunset where you can enjoy a cold drink as you see the sun slowly disappear behind the mountains of the Congo.

No. 6: Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

From Kikonko it is about 45min drive to Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve, which can be considered a hidden gem of the Albertine Rift Valley. The reserve features duickers, Uganda kob, impala, hartebeest, bushbuck, buffalo and a few primates. If you are lucky you can find baboons and white and black colobus monkeys in the forests along Hoywa and Wamababya river. However, the main attraction of the reserve clearly is the scenery of the lake that presents itself with many breath taking views. Find more about the fees here: UWA

No. 7: Bird Watching

Be it from the veranda of your room, from the restaurant or during one of the many walks one can take around Kikonko, birds are your steady companion. You may find the Black-Billed Barbet, Brown-Throated Wattle-Eye, Northern Puffback, Fish Eagle, Grey Headed Kingfisher, Sacred Ibis, Hammerkop, Red-Cheeked Cordon Bleu and many more. We challenge you to be the one to see the most (so far the record is at around 20 different species).

No. 8: Tea Estate Visit (soon coming)

On over 800 hectares the Kisaru Tea Estate cultivates tea with a yearly crop harvest of about 2.7 tons. Tours of the estate and the manufacturing plant as well as tea tasting will soon be offered to visitors.

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