Kikonko Lodge

On top of the escarpment of the Albertine Rift overlooking Lake Albert thrones Kikonko Lodge. Breath taking views of Lake Albert and the Blue Mountains of the Democratic Republic of Congo are guaranteed.

At night our guests will be enchanted by the million lights lit up by the local fishermen that dance on the Lake Albert.

Uganda at its best.

Welcome to Kikonko!

At Kikonko Lodge we offer our guests a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in the heart of Africa with the most breath taking views over the beautiful Lake Albert.

Hospitality is what we live for and so we try
to make every day a perfect day for our guests.

Come and try us out –

you will be welcomed with a warm smile!

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Pool Time!

Whether you want to refresh after a long drive or just get away from the heat that can become quite intense at Kikonko at times, the pool will offer you just that!

Take a dip and relax in the cool water or chill on the sunbeds while overlooking Lake Albert.

Nights of a million lights

No matter whether you are enjoying a drink, reading a book, playing a board game or having a chat – the Lake Albert view will be your constant companion, reminding you that you are in one of nature’s most beautiful spots!

cottages at lake alber kikonko safari and eco lodge
overlook lake albert blue mountains kikonko lodge
Lake albert kikonko lodge fisherman at night

In our main building you find a spacious reception area where you will be served your welcoming drink and from where you will be escorted to your room.

The main restaurant stretches over three different levels, where you can relax on our comfortable sofas and enjoy our delicious meals. The bar area is directly adjacent to the swimming pool so you can sip on your drink while observing the going-ons in the water.

Sustainable tourism

We believe in sustainable tourism and being one with nature as much as possible.

WATER: Being situated in a place where water is scarce (believe it or not, even though the Lake is so close, there is NO water at the site!), we have to transport every single drop over quite some distance to make it reach our toilets and showers. We therefore use it sparingly and would appeal to our guests to do the same.

ELECTRICITY: Electricity comes entirely from a solar system, which is why we cannot use any devices that produce heat. Hair dryers can therefore securely rest in our guests’ luggage.

WASTE: Furthermore, every piece of trash that we produce needs to be taken care of. There is no garbage collection on site. We buy our groceries locally and try to avoid packaging as much as possible. Therefore, we do not offer or sell water in plastic bottles. Drinking water at Kikonko is completely free of charge, because we buy it in bulk and carefully treat it to guarantee its quality. We also encourage our guests to take their trash with them and dispose of it where there is proper waste management.

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Buseruka - Tonya Road
34 km from Hoima Town


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